Knitted Leather


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  • I enjoyed looking at your site. Im an infant death investigation specialist in Seattle as well as a SIDS parent. I love your bracelets. How can I get one? I also wanted to tell you about a national organization that has helped thousands of sids organizations and families over the years CJ Foundation for SIDS. Next to the feds, they have given more funds for research than anyone I know. Based in New Jersey, CJ was founded by a sids familiy of means


    • MagpieTree says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your comments and information. I’m always glad to add additional resources for readers! I will be sure to add the site to the post, so that others are able to access that link as well. I admit, I knew very little about SIDS/SUID until writing this blog post. The research done by the CJ Foundation is reassuring. This seems to be the thing most needed.

      As for the bracelets, I would be glad to custom make one for you! I do not have this exact listing in the shop yet, but feel free to send me a direct email and we can work out details!!


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