Keep the Super in the Bowl – Make it an Indy “Legacy”

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Super Bowl 2012 Indianapolis IN

Arts and Athletics: A Perfect Pair

‘What does football have to do with art and creativity?’

Response – “Everything!”

Most recently Indianapolis, Indiana hosted the 46th NFL Super Bowl!! The city was jam-packed with Giants and Patriots fans, locals, out-of-towners and your random picketing evangelist (just for good measure). The atmosphere was energetic and engaging! Perfect strangers shared tables when grabbing a bite to eat and passersby offered their apologies when walking through your photograph. Small thoughtful actions were seen everywhere.

While the crowds became more dense as game day approached, generally people remained pleasant. There were Super-dedicated volunteers around every corner directing you toward the excitement! It’s easy to spot them, just look for the handmade Super Scarves. That’s right, all 8,000 Super Bowl volunteers were kept warm and toasty with donated time and talent from others. Not to mention it was much easier for those travelers not familiar with the city to find their way! The event would not have been complete without all of the community initiatives that were implemented by the Host Committee: Legacy ProjectSuper Cure, Baskets of Hope, 2012 Trees, XLVI FACES and Super Learning in a Super State.

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It did not matter that I normally experience American football as silly and confusing, 0r that I absolutely despise crowds of that magnitude.  Rather my appreciation for the sport grew. I became an enthusiastic Giants fan for an entire week and even have a custom embroidered cap to prove it! Visits to the Super Bowl Village were often, the weather was mild and walking helped to keep you warm! Celebration was (and continues to be) in the air. The trick now is in capturing all of the remaining energy to keep the Indy spirit thriving! Lucky for us, Indianapolis has community organizations and partners city-wide, ready to take on the challenge.


The Heart/Art of the Matter

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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

Custom Constellation Hand-stamped Copper

The start of a new year often brings an overall sense of reflection (and often-times) change. We look back at our past accomplishments, sometimes dwell on what we experienced to be failures and hopefully begin to create and develop new goals. While reflecting on times of joy and hard lessons learned, there seemed to be a common connecting thread – Heart! Without People, MagpieTree would not be what it is today. I am privileged and honored to have customers who are willing to share their personal stories and trusted memories with me. It seems only by grace that our paths have crossed! Each and every time I am grateful for the authentic connections and honest exchanges.

Sincere gratitude to Ella’s family for allowing me to share her story.

Exact Location of Ella's Star

Exact Location of Ella's Star

It was back in October of last year, when I received a request from 800 miles away in Florida. A Custom Ordered set of Constellations. I had created this style of jewelry before, but this seemed a bit different. The customer expressed that she had named & dedicated a “REAL Star” to her friend’s baby girl-Ella. She then sadly informed me that Ella had unexpectedly died from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at 5 months of age, only 1 week prior. We worked together to design a set of bracelets that would be given to Ella’s parents in memory.

Connecting the Dotts

Ellas Star Parents Bracelets

Leather and Ribbon Bracelets for Ella's Parents

Upon learning of how Ella’s story had reached Indianapolis, Indiana, Ella’s parents offered to share an educational video showcasing informational (and surprising) facts about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. You may also note that the STAR of the show is Ella herself!!

If you would like to make a donation in honor of Ella, or anyone else you may know whose lives have been touched by SIDS you may do so HERE.

For additional information on SIDS:

American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute
Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
SIDS Center of Indiana
SUID/SIDS Resource Center

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigations – Resource offered by a fellow reader and Investigation Specialist in Seattle.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

― Albert Einstein

The Water Runs Sweet in SugarTreeCreek

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Can't wait to see it in the Spring!

The Shop at SugarTreeCreek

As most of my readers by now know, most of my inspiration for creation comes from a deep seeded love of nature and a fascination with collecting unique baubles and trinkets. Little did I know, in beginning my Etsy journey that I would happen upon so many interesting, unique and caring individuals? Often as Etsy sellers we get so caught up in the “Etsy World” of marketing and packaging and selling, that we forget about the vital relationships all around us; the official people who drive our businesses day in and day out.

In Tea Time this month you will meet one of my fellow Etsy Artisan sellers. Like MagpieTree, SugarTreeCreek was created from a huge amount of time, inspiration and love and while MagpieTree currently resides in a fairly urban landscape, SugarTreeCreek can be found inside of a rustic log cabin in Danville, Virginia. It is here that Lauren Moore, the creator of SugarTreeCreek, draws from her lush surroundings to create handmade jewelry designs natural in inspiration and authentic in rich hues and colors.

Juicy, Sweet & Seedless!

Winner of "Happy Mango Beads" Staff Favorite Award during "Songs of Summer" contest, 2010

How it all started. . .

Just Bead It in Lake Placid, NY was the beginning of my bead addiction. My husband and I had gone to the Adirondack’s to play hooky from the rat race of Christmas and spend some quality time in the snow but the shopping was really the highlight (don’t tell my hubby).  Going in that store was exactly like the proverbial candy store! Every color, size, and shape I could imagine; my imagination was going wild. I coveted this wonderful pile of beads . . .  they came back with us! I held onto them until just about this time last year. A good shot of spring fever got the creative juices going and after some unsuccessful voyages on eBay, I found Etsy. I began creating my own shop with all my favorite things!!!

Make a Statement!

Red Tiger's Eye & Garnet Chandeliers

I own a pair of these they are lovely!

Rainbow Gemstone Chandeliers

What pretty hues!

Autumn Gemstone chandelier

Why SugarTreeCreek . . .

“So now it was time to develop a persona, a brand- SugarTreeCreek. It wasn’t hard to tell an attractive story because my husband and I had spent the last few years building a log home in the woods. The Sugartree Creek runs below us down the hill of Oaks and Dogwoods. . it reminds of all the things I love; the changing seasons, the wonderful colors and variety Mother Nature offers. It all came together.

What inspires you. . .

“I have a BFA in fine arts and Associates in Ceramics and have been painting, photographing and crafting since Mom told me my coloring books were especially well done. I love, love, love natural gemstones and semi-precious stones: Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Jade. There is nothing as fun as finding new designs to try, new combinations of color and metal (silver, bronze or copper), unorthodox creations just to try something creative, like the Earvines and Magnetic Wrap Bracelets that are in my Etsy shop.”

Flowers for your Hair

Tsunami Kanzashi Hair Ornaments

Lately, those lovely Swarovski crystals have made themselves welcome in my workroom along with the Turquoise, Jasper, Carnelian and Garnet. Each season inspires new designs. Each holiday brings whimsical possibilities.”

What keeps you going. . .

“The people I have met through Etsy have to be the warmest, most creative, most generous group of people. It’s like having all the answers to your questions at your fingertips. We all worked through so many challenges during the holiday season. What a valuable journey that was.”

“Making Jewelry is a wonderfully rewarding way to employ my creativity, fine art skills and love for crafts into something to share. Come on by SugarTreeCreek anytime and visit. The water’s fine and the designs are even better!”

A portion of all SugarTreeCreek sales goes to help the Appalachian Service Project. Visit SugarTreeCreek for additional details regarding the Appalachian Service Project.

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