Keep the Super in the Bowl – Make it an Indy “Legacy”

February 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

Super Bowl 2012 Indianapolis IN

Arts and Athletics: A Perfect Pair

‘What does football have to do with art and creativity?’

Response – “Everything!”

Most recently Indianapolis, Indiana hosted the 46th NFL Super Bowl!! The city was jam-packed with Giants and Patriots fans, locals, out-of-towners and your random picketing evangelist (just for good measure). The atmosphere was energetic and engaging! Perfect strangers shared tables when grabbing a bite to eat and passersby offered their apologies when walking through your photograph. Small thoughtful actions were seen everywhere.

While the crowds became more dense as game day approached, generally people remained pleasant. There were Super-dedicated volunteers around every corner directing you toward the excitement! It’s easy to spot them, just look for the handmade Super Scarves. That’s right, all 8,000 Super Bowl volunteers were kept warm and toasty with donated time and talent from others. Not to mention it was much easier for those travelers not familiar with the city to find their way! The event would not have been complete without all of the community initiatives that were implemented by the Host Committee: Legacy ProjectSuper Cure, Baskets of Hope, 2012 Trees, XLVI FACES and Super Learning in a Super State.

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It did not matter that I normally experience American football as silly and confusing, 0r that I absolutely despise crowds of that magnitude.  Rather my appreciation for the sport grew. I became an enthusiastic Giants fan for an entire week and even have a custom embroidered cap to prove it! Visits to the Super Bowl Village were often, the weather was mild and walking helped to keep you warm! Celebration was (and continues to be) in the air. The trick now is in capturing all of the remaining energy to keep the Indy spirit thriving! Lucky for us, Indianapolis has community organizations and partners city-wide, ready to take on the challenge.


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