Storytellers, Tea Time, Sneak Peeks & Magpie Pics!. . .

January 31, 2011 § 2 Comments

This post may seem longer than usual and shorter on photos but I promise it contains useful and important information! After some thoughtful pondering and reflection, I came to the conclusion that MagpieTree was in desperate need of some structure. I wanted to ensure that you (my readers) were getting more than just sneak peaks into the studio and updates on new items (not that these things are not exciting)! But there needed to be something more; something appealing enough to warrant coming back over and over and over again to find new and interesting images and inspiration. I want my musings and creations to come to life; take on form and shape, sprout legs and crawl into the little recesses of my reader’s minds to start a little spark of creativity. If I am able, as an artist, to breathe life into the ideas of another creative individual, then I feel I have done my job as a creator. I believe in the power of Art and I believe it can make magical things happen! (Read on for further details)

Sketchbook Cover

MagpieTree will begin running a 4 week Schedule featuring 1 post per week. There will be 4 topics featured each month: Storytellers, Tea Time, (Sketchbook) Sneak Peeks and Magpie Pics.

Week 1: Storytellers

Over the years, I have collected a wide variety of interesting little trinkets (a behavior very typical of a Magpie)! These special objects (an antique pearl necklace clasp or a vintage enamel locket) have the ability to tell many tales. They speak words of past travels in antique shops and weave stories of past lives in foreign places. Sometimes they whisper secrets of their natural origin or heritage. Just as the stingy Magpie covets shiny baubles with plans to later weave them intricately into his nest, these trinkets carved out a little home in my heart, making them difficult to let go. After some soul-searching, I have come to the conclusion that these charming treasures deserve more permanent homes. During the 1st week of each month, I will feature images of a small collection of these Storytellers. The images will be of the items in their original state and each will be accompanied by a short story depicting the trinket’s origination and how it came to be in my possession. During the month, I will work diligently in transforming these trinkets into true Storytellers, using their individual descriptions and history to bring them to life as new creations. The photographs of the newly created pieces will be featured during Week 4 Magpie Pics!

Week 2: Tea Time

Join us for Tea Time every 2nd week of the month! During Tea Time you will come across a wide variety of topics. Anything from interviews with guest artists, info regarding eco-friendly living and any other topic that might be directly or tangentially related to a Magpie or a Tree will be fair game for discussion! I’m super excited about this Section and am open to ideas and suggestions of topics you might be interested in seeing featured during Tea Time. Feel free to send a message, comment or email to offer suggestions! I am looking forward to connecting with unique artists and individuals to create intriguing features that will build Tea Time into a complex community!

Week 3: Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peeks will be just that, a Sneak Peek into my personal sketchbook. Additional writings will NOT accompany these images. I would like you as the viewer to experience the images for yourself without my preconceived notions. Enjoy!

Week 4: Magpie Pics

During every 4th week I will present photographs of newly created Storytellers (first seen during Week 1) after being upcycled into new creations! I will also post images of any Custom Items that may have been created during the previous 3 weeks. I reserve the right to also include any inspirational images that I may have taken while out-and-about during the monthJ

Please do not let all of this information scare you. I assure you I will not flood your inbox with email reminders and repeat information (we all hate this). It is my oath to you to provide useful, creative, informational tidbits of Magpie Wisdom package it up with a bit of twine and send it on its pretty little way to you! I hope you enjoy the upcoming weeks. I look forward to any and all feedback that you have to offer. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm in being a part of my creative world!




§ 2 Responses to Storytellers, Tea Time, Sneak Peeks & Magpie Pics!. . .

  • Lauren Moore says:

    Well Miss Magpie. I am so looking forward to this lovely nest you are building. I’m anticipating glossy midnight blues appearing in a discarded, dusty feather, images that make me want more, and pieces that are screaming to be picked up and turned over because the other side will certainly contain a magical surprise. when do we begin!?


    • MagpieTree says:

      My Dear Lauren,
      Your Writing my Dear is delightful! I believe you may have given me some inspiration. . . and I believe I may have created a piece similar to the piece you have conjured in my mind with your flowery descriptions!


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